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“Using the BLOOM Zeitgeist model we developed a focused and current positioning and a strategy oriented towards the major brands, Dr. Oetker and Koopmans, an intensification that has led to a good basis for our NPD and communication. Our new initiatives, suitable within the Zeitgeist model, is providing to be quite successful on the market!”

Geertjan Vorstenbosch

Marketing manager, Dr.Oetker

“Bloom helped us get a better insight into the brand DNA of Robeco extremely well, in particular when it came to the role within our direct distribution channel. Their Zeitgeist model also helped us make the right choices for the future.”

Lamber Korsten

Head Brand & Marketing Communications, Robeco

“Peter gave an insiring presentation to all our commercial employees in which he explained his Zeitgeist vision using catchy examples. His story was received very positively and has contributed to looking at society and its developments differently. Recommended for teams who could use some additional inspiration for developing products and proposals.”

Jeroen de Gier

Manager Customer Expert, Ziggo

“Working with BLOOM has given me and the team a lot of inspiration going forward. I have seen a lot of trend presentations, but BLOOM’s Zeitgeist view is not only inspirational, but also very concrete and offers guidance to improve ideas and plans.”

Sander van der Linden

Marketing Director Benelux, JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS

“BLOOM was fantastic in helping our organisation with concept development. Using the Bloom model we were capable of maping consumer needs clearly which eventually resulted in a number of successful product introductions.”

Franka van der Zand

Research & Innovation, Agri Retail

“On behalf of the Rabobank I gladly work together regularly with BLOOM. Peter knows how to outline all the trends in a convincing, clear and inspirational way.
As well he knows how to translate matters into concrete applications in a practical, suitable and commercial way. This combination of outline and concrete translation is what his major strength is to me. A great tip for all marketers!”

Joost Augusteijn

merk strateeg, Rabobank

“In only one day with BLOOM we made a major step forward with our strategic intend. It was a great pleasure to work with BLOOM. The day was so effective due to a good preparation and dedication to have results after a full day. Next to structure, process and knowledge I found it particularly pleasant that we reached our goal by respecting each individuals opinion, the team was debating. As a spin off, the group accepted the outcome automatically. It was a great added value for us!

Jan Wouter Kleinjan

uitgever, Auto Sanoma Media

“With the help of the inspiring current trends presentation we made our insights and concepts future proof in a constructive manner”

Bart Fischer

Manager Concept Mangement Formule, Albert Heijn

“While many agencies mainly look at the past, the added value of BLOOM is that they focus on the future, which is very valuable for positioning the company as future proof.
Not only useful in this case, but you can also use these insights for many other issues that a forward-thinking company has to deal with.”

Patricia Ghering

Commercial Director, Facilicom

“BLOOM has helped fine-tune the Koopmans brand so that it stands strong for the future without losing sight of its century-old brand heritage. I strongly believe in his BrandBloom model where a brand is positioned against the background of the Zeitgeist. As well, BLOOM is good when it comes to translating a chosen positioning into an innovation and communication strategy.”

Elles van den Berg

sr. Brandmanager, Koopmans, Dr.Oetker

“BLOOM has helped me with Unox a number of times as regards brand strategy and innovation plans.

I feel the strength of Bloom lies in the simplicity and focus of the BrandBloom model and the insightful brand tour, especially the way in which this tour maps out current trends and needs. As well, the nice up-to-date examples are very inspiring.”

Debora van der Zee

Brand Development Director, Unilever

“At the start of the merger of Secretary Plus and StarJob I collaborated with BLOOM for the positioning of the new company. BLOOM had a clear pattern to produce a proper analysis.
Peter is creative and thinks out of the box. This combination has made it so that we quickly came up with a clear new proposal.”

Dorothé Schiks

Director, Secretary Plus USG Group

“Bloom’s innovation model offers a transparent insight into current consumer trends / needs, allowing us to initiate the development of new relevant product offerings.
Peters high level of marketing and consumer knowledge, strategic input and guidance though out the innovation process has been a great contribution.”

Vincent Huinck

Global Marketing Manager, Bacardi

“Peter has inspired our management team with his analysis of the development of the spirit of time, thereby helping us to position our company in this context.”

Martijn Verbeek

Manager Duurzame Innovatie, Eneco

“During a meeting about innovation Bloom gave an exciting presentation about the current trends of the last years, where we found ourselves today and where we are helping to. BLOOM Made a perfect link between our theme of innovation and inspiration, complemented with examples from the package industry. We would gladly spar with them more than often.”

Diane van der Sanden

Marketing manager, Smurfit Kappa Benelux

“For anyone who is smart enough to study Bloom’s Zeitgeist model, you will seldom see megatrends exposed in such a clear way. We at the Staatsloterij have transposed the Zeitgeist model together with BLOOM into our category and still today the results are an important starting point in our tought process about the foreseeable future”

Arnoud van de Zee

Marketing Communicatie, Staatsloterij

“BLOOM’s approach is very effective, as it creates an attainable and concrete concept, as well as guarantees that this concept matches and suits the brand. BLOOM is very qualified in stimulating, but especially in quickly analysing and structuring information, so that creative session have the right focus. I would recommend BLOOM for anyone who is looking for an innovative way to handle concept development that is concrete and supported within the organisation.”

Michiel Maathuis

Business Development and Innovation, Achmea

“My experience is that BLOOM has a clear vision about future trends and an insight into the Hizi Hair brand. In 2010 and 2014 BLOOM actively collaborated in coordinating the brand to the future needs of the employees and consumers.”

Dimitri Last

CEO, Hizi Hair en Kinki kappers

“Peter has an unbelievably good feel for trends and brands. His added value is that he knows how to perfectly apply this knowledge to every brand. He understands brands extremely well and knows how to properly focus on their positioning. As well, I felt that Peter is very versatile partly due to his knowledge, attitude and inspiring personality. I have also used his knowledge for the new positioning and innovation of Unox and Hertog, but also called upon him as sparring partner for certain activation ideas. He’s a person you would much rather keep for yourself ideally.”

Anne-Gien Haan

Marketing Director, Unilever Benelux