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based on Zeitgeist trends & Consumer insights

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“Our passion is helping brands bloom, along with the people behind those brands.”

“We use our Zeitgeist trendvision & consumer foresights, together with our broad marketing experience, to build Future-Proof Brands.”

“Too often, I see brands and organisations reacting too slowly to the changing Zeitgeist. Even though these days, standing still is simply not an option.”

“Our business isn’t just about inspiration, it is about translating trends into BrandDNA & positioning and strategy & innovation, to Future-proofing your business. We’d be happy to show you how.”

Peter Heshof, founder of Bloom

Inspiring Trend lecture

What will your consumers want next? towards 2025

Peter will explain that consumer trends are not based on coincidences but are driven by the rhythm of the zeitgeist.
He explains the relevant consumer trends (2020 – 2025) and identifies where the opportunities are for your business. This inspiring presentation gives you more control over the future and helps you to build a future-proof brand.

How can we help you?


What do you consumers want next? Trends explained by the rhytm of the changing Zeitgeist. What they mean for your brand?


Do you want to keep your Future-Proof in a changing Zeitgeist? Looking for a relevant and future proof BrandDNA?

Marketing Mix

Are you looking to translate trends into Renovation & Innovation and Activation & Communication?


Looking for Trend-driven Innovation? Concepts based on consumer needs and trends?

Strategic Advice

Do you need advice how to keep your brand or organization Future-Proof, in a fast changing world?

Since 2003 we have been working with over 100 national and international brands and organisations, see them all.

Curious about our publications?

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Discover the logic behind food trends

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