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What do we stand for?

We help brands bloom

Our passion is bringing brands to full bloom, along with the people behind the brand!

As a client, you supply the insights into your business and brand. Then, we at Bloom add our marketing experience and our insights into Zeitgeist trends. By combining this input we are able to create the best brand positioning (BrandDNA) and brand strategy (Innovation & Renovation, Communication & Activation) possible, resulting in more turnover for your business.

What do we stand for?

Future proof: Our Purpose, our ‘Why?’ is helping brands stay relevant by applying our trend insights. And with the end goal of realising more success in the market.

Focus Pocus: Our approach is not about trial and error. We contribute Focus by applying the trends we have selected for you and your BrandDNA. Using these building blocks, we can arrive at the best possible solutions together.

Involvement: We are not just looking to score easy points and then go home. Our passion is really making a brand—and the people behind that brand—bloom.

Meaningful business: Organisations and brands are built into our society. For that reason, a brand should offer not only a consumer benefit, it should create a positive societal impact as well. 

What can you expect from us?
– we provide focus & clarity
– we are inspiring & creative
– we work efficiently & effectively
– we are business & results-oriented

We have been happily serving our clients since 2003.