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BrandDNA workshop

‘A brand has to take a stance, without
getting stuck in the past’

What does your brand stand for, in a changing world? In our workshop, we’ll help you clarify your brand identity by determining a BrandDNA© together. We’ll use our Zeitgeist trendvision to ensure that your brand is Future-Proof and never gets stuck in the past.

We craft a BrandDNA by identifying the answers to 3 questions:
1. What is our domain? (Domain = License to Operate)
2. Why do we exist? (Brand Purpose = Our winning answer)
3. How do we do it? (Brand values = Our distinctive way of doing things)

During the DNA crafting process we use our 8 ConsumerWorlds© to help answering the DNA questions. (see image).

Brand positioning is not the same thing as a brand identity. Brand positioning means determining which building blocks of our BrandDNA© should be our focus in the years ahead. Our Zeitgeist trendvision will help in defining your brand positioning.

Leading brands
We have successfully collaborated with many brands in finding their brand DNA and brand strategy. These include Unox, Conimex, Andrelon, Robijn, Zwitsal, Hertog, Knorr, Blue Band, Solo, Bonduelle, Campina, CoolBest, DubbelFrisss, Pickwick, Koopmans, Dr.Oetker, Jan, JohnWest, Zonnatura, Atkins, Pelgrim, NCRV, Secretary Plus, Albron, Droomparken, Robbers, Rabobank Member programme, DLL Nederland, Hypotheekshop, Robeco, HEMA France, Sikkens and Koninklijke Landmacht.

One-day workshop

Workshop (4 – 6 people)

Relevant and distinctive BrandDNA© and positioning, that will help your team take flight in terms of strategy and execution.

More information
+31 (0)6 18 55 24 37 (Peter Heshof)